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Introducing your new sous chef. Your new tool in the search for the juiciest rack of lamb, the most tender fillet of salmon.
Use the FoodSensor to tell the oven how you want your dish cooked – using just the words you would in a restaurant – rare, medium, well done.
For the first time, you can trust that the SenseCook oven understands the result you want, just from the words you choose.
Without even opening the oven door, everything from tender joints of meat to molten chocolate fondants are controlled and mastered.
At last, an oven that speaks your language..

Additional Information

  • Model Number: KPK842220M
  • Brand: AEG
  • Type: Compact Ovens
  • Control Type: Comand Wheel
  • SenseCook Multifunction Pyrolytic compact oven
  • HD TFT Display, stainless steel
  • Pyrolytic Cleaning . SensCook . SurroundCook . Soft Motion Multifunctional
  • Width: 595 mm
  • Depth: 567 mm
  • Height: 455 mm
  • Cleaning: Pyrolytic