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A succulent roast chicken, a creamy Dauphinoise, a rich beef casserole - all achieved in just half the time a conventional oven would require.
The CombiQuick oven is the faster way to exceptional flavours and exciting dishes,
combining hot air fan cooking with the speed of a microwave to give you the mouthwatering finish and textures of a conventional oven in one compact space. From now on, time is no longer an obstacle to taste.

Additional Information

  • Model Number: KMK861000M
  • Brand: AEG
  • Type: Compact Ovens with Microwave
  • Control Type: Comand Wheel
  • CombiQuick Combination Microwave compact oven
  • Stainless Steel
  • SurroundCook . Microwave . Multifunctional
  • Width: 595 mm
  • Depth: 567 mm
  • Height: 455 mm